Third Eye

Third Eye


Nag champa- Cassandra, Trojan Princess

Nag Champa, a popular incense made of plumeria and sandalwood, is known to stimulate the mind and often used in yoga, ritual, or other spiritual work that connects you with the Third Eye chakra. Tapping into this power source means seeing without looking, knowing without being told. While shifting your senses beyond the veil can inspire confidence, the wise practitioner will be mindful not to stoke the fires of fear or anxiety. This candle honors Cassandra, a Trojan princess in Greek mythology and the OG “crazy girl.” Her ability to see the future was, famously, a blessing and a curse from the god Apollo: She was always right, but no one listened. Cassandra warned her people of the war that would bring Troy to its knees, and the major security breach that was the Greeks’ infamous wooden horse. They ignored her in favor of her twin brother, Helenus, whose prophecies sounded a lot better for Troy but came with a few critical caveats. Despite Cassandra’s foresight of the frankly obvious subterfuge behind the Greek army’s sudden departure after ten years of fighting, Troy got sacked and took our girl down with it. Some insights are helpful to share with others; some are better kept to yourself. Wisdom is knowing which is which.

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Made from repurposed/recycled wine bottles, our all natural soy wax candles are handcrafted with intention. All candles have an approximate 60 hour burn time. Each cut of glass is unique, making the exact sizes varied. All candles seek to honor an angry feminist archetype, icon, historical or literary figure.