Hazelnut Coffee- Frida Kahlo

Woke is an aromatic blend of hazelnut and coffee. It's adorned with the symbol Uranus, which is the only planet that spins backwards and tilted on its axis. You know, kinda like how your third cup of coffee makes you feel: stimulated and expressive, and maybe a little non-conformist. Woke is great for the morning time, that first part of the day when the mind is the most fresh and ready to reflect on the self through quiet meditation or creativity. Frida Kahlo is famous for her brand of reflection—she painted self portraits that spoke of her pain with vivid colors and harsh imagery. Her life was almost always tilted on its axis—from contracting polio as a young girl, to a trolley accident that left her confined to a bed for months, to her marriage troubles. She defined herself for herself, claiming the year of the Mexican Revolution (1910) as the year of her birth and cultivating a gender non-conformist presence. Largely overshadowed by her husband’s work during her own life, she has since surpassed him in fame and is a beloved feminist icon.

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Made from repurposed/recycled wine bottles, our all natural soy wax candles are handcrafted with intention. All candles have an approximate 60 hour burn time. Each cut of glass is unique, making the exact sizes varied. All candles seek to honor an angry feminist archetype, icon, historical or literary figure.