The Crystal Loving Hippie Bitch

C.L.H.B. is perfect for Type A’s, indigo children, and social media influencers alike. Lavender, aromatic and clean, is a basic top note in perfume and has been a popular herbal remedy and aromatherapy scent since forever. Sandalwood, its sweet and woody counterpart, has been used in religious and spiritual traditions of India for the last 4,000 years. Together? Oh la la. You love this scent. Everyone loves it. It’s a nice floral musk...almost too nice. You like it so much you don’t want to like it. The Crystal-Loving Hippie-Bitch is the manic pixie dream girl, SoCal edition. She's that chick next to you in yoga who can touch her foot to her head in dancers pose, drinks kombucha like its water, and wears necklaces that are both on-trend and totally her. You followed her on Instagram once, but the constant reminder of her perfectly curated life led you into a series of downward spirals that peaked in a wine drunk social media app deleting spree complete with manic laughter and tears of pain. She seems nice but you wouldn’t really know, because you don’t really know her.

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Made from repurposed/recycled wine bottles, our all natural soy wax candles are handcrafted with intention. All candles have an approximate 60 hour burn time. Each cut of glass is unique, making the exact sizes varied.