Scour - Citrus-Cilantro - Morwen

Citrus Cilantro is soapy and refreshing, with mint and pepper overtones and both sweet and astringent undertones. The broom and lemon symbols are for cleanliness...and a little bit of sensible magic. Broomsticks, long associated with witches, are also practical instruments for tidying the home, where everyday rituals like cleaning and cooking have their own power. No one knows this better than Morwen, a beloved character in Patricia C. Wrede’s Enchanted Forest Chronicles. Practical, reliable, and forward-thinking, this small but imposing witch keeps her house spotless. She’s always open to visitors—whether it’s a friend looking for help, a king looking for answers, or a princess looking to borrow a crepe pan—and always has something useful up her sleeves (which are enchanted for extra carrying capacity). Put in the work to keep your sacred space clean, have a bottle of cider or a slice of gingerbread on hand to welcome guests, and don’t accept any nonsense, please.

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Made from repurposed/recycled wine bottles, our all natural soy wax candles are handcrafted with intention. All candles have an approximate 60 hour burn time. Each cut of glass is unique, making the exact sizes varied.