Baja Cactus Blossom is a blend of fresh white flowers, green cactus stems and sunkissed coconut. The smell brings to mind carefree days at the beach—thus, the image of beautiful and charismatic mermaids. Today, many see these mythological creatures as bright and breezy, with long hair worn loose and flowing...or maybe in a fishtail braid. But in antiquity, they were dangerously compelling symbols of both beauty and terror. The half-divine, half-human Sirens of Greek legend lured sailors to jump into the sea or shipwreck in shallow waters. Some modern media still pegs mermaid characters as cold hearted and malicious, but there’s one who’s always reversed the trope. In Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Ariel is brave, curious, and willing to make sacrifices to pursue the love and life she wants. The original tale by Hans Christian Andersen is a lot darker, but his little mermaid is just as inquisitive and selfless. Whatever else, sirens are universally recognized symbols of the feminine mystique, the beautiful loner, playful and free within the bounds of a body of water that extends farther than the eye can see.