Host a Workshop

Attendees explore scent, color, and symbols and define their personal aesthetic by creating a candle made out of a repurposed wine bottle and all-natural soy wax.

Stations include: SCENT, INTENT, DECOR & POUR. Each one is an exploration in preference and an opportunity for self-expression.

Workshops can be held in private homes or public spaces— I’m always looking for individuals or small businesses to partner with!


Kaija Marshall

My professional background is in community organizing and data analysis--I like getting people together and engaging in subtle brain exercises. I’ve cultivated workshops to be a space where participants engage in active processing while they ground their candle in positive intention.

I have also completed a a yoga teacher training and credit my 20 year history with Girl Scouts— if the space and audience allow, movement and group work are a must!


Girl Scout Workshop

Cadette Science of Happiness

Junior Product Designer

Brownie 5 Senses