At every birth, two people are born— a baby and a mother.



Every body goes through it; even if you never become a parent you have still experienced your own. Despite how common the experience is, birth is anything but ordinary. A successful birth requires strength in the mind & body— they don’t call it labor for no reason, it’s work! Doula support can be instrumental in easing the physical and psychological struggle of bringing your brand new human earth side. As a birth worker, I provide care to the mother, baby & family as a whole on an as needed basis, in whatever capacity both that unit & those individuals require. While I am not a medical expert, I have been trained in the phases of labor and cultivated skills and techniques to aid you in feeling empowered, informed and supported.



In many cultures, the postpartum period is a time considered sacred: during the first 40 days of life, the infant & birth partner are to be cradled by their community. The mother heals, the baby feels the weight of gravity for the first time. It is a painful, beautiful process and both parties need to be nourished and cared for. Becoming a parent is a momentous change in pace & perspective. In fact, sociologically it is considered a time ripe with opportunity to create habits-- so much so that the birth of a child is even recognized as marketers as a pivotal time to advertise and many companies target new moms heavily knowing they can build brand loyalists for life. Stuff doesn’t make a good parent, but a solid routine & confidence in your ability to raise your child can get you pretty far. Doulas are non judgemental sources of support-- we enter a family’s home when they are most vulnerable to offer wisdom, care, and respite from the demands of a newborn. The support of a doula can mean the difference between surviving or thriving; between building a foundation for life or floating adrift in the waves of newfound parenthood.  


Kaija Marshall

I am a trained birth & postpartum doula. My formal education is in social work— after earning my MSW in 2015 and working for Girl Scouts as an evaluation specialist for a couple years I completed a yoga teacher training and got hooked on the holistic healing arts. Pretty soon after diving into my practice and becoming obsessed with making candles, I reached the conclusion that the traditional career path I always saw myself pursuing wasn’t actually for me. I decided to start my own business and went back to caregiving as a “temporary” source of income while I hammered out the details of my product line and workshop offerings. It didn’t take me too much longer to realize there was nothing “temporary” about the work I was doing and that I needed to honor the part of myself that yearns to serve and care for others in the intimate sphere. So here I am— in the next step of this journey I call life! I would be honored to support you & your family during the prenatal, birth & postpartum period in my new role as a doula.