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Candle Making Workshop @ Crushed

  • Crushed 967 Garnet Ave San Diego, California 92109 (map)

At this workshop, you'll create a candle of your very own out of a repurposed wine bottle, all-natural soy wax, symbols, scent & color.

Scent Station: Put your olfactory sense to the test. Sniff out a single scent you love, or combine two for a more personal scent aesthetic.

Art Station: Peruse our stamps to create an all-you label, with planetary and zodiac symbols or other designs.

Intention Station: Sand, for grounding? Granite, for abundance? Choose ordinary, everyday objects to rest at the bottom of your candle, the “bunt” of the wine bottle. 

Pour Station: We’ll help you add your chosen scent and color to your wax. Pour it all into your wine bottle base, and voila! Instant ambiance, created by you.

Upon arriving, you’ll receive a candle container and curator card. Grab a beer at the bar, explore the workshop stations and use the card to organize your candle ideas! You must plan to visit the Pour Station at least 30 minutes before you plan to leave. Last wax pour happens at 9pm.

We’ll also have a selection of our branded products available for purchase.