What is AYP?

Adventures in Yoga Pants

LIVE with the belief that ordinary objects are sacred, and spirituality is waiting for you right here in mundane reality. This perspective fuels creativity and connectivity. AYP aspires to inspire you to reduce and reuse, finding new purposes and paths in everyday circumstances.

YOUR ability to analyze is an element of evolution. Once, analysis eased human suffering by improving efficiency and effectiveness. Today, our hyper-analytic culture is stressing you out with extra anxiety--including big businesses invading your privacy to sell you products and politics you don’t really want or need.

ADVENTURE exists out of your comfort zone--the mental, physical or emotional loops we get stuck in on repeat. Adventure necessitates the most intuitive form of analysis, getting you away from habitual thought patterns and bias so you can think and feel more clearly. Adventure can be travel, but at its core, it’s trying something new, putting yourself out there and taking a much needed journey inward to discover something that's already there, waiting for you.

IN  life, you’re often presented with false dichotomies. The truth is, you can be two things. Or five things. Create your own reality: carve out sacred space and a path, then take steps (at your pace!) toward the world you want to live in. Who knows? Maybe you’ll wake up one day and decide you’re going to be an entrepreneur who uses your unique talents to build a life you never want to retire from. You’ll quit a dead-end job, go for it just to see what happens, and end up being successful in a way that supersedes the capitalist ideal of money and material goods. We did.

If that sounds crazy to you, just remember:

YOGA PANTS went from being a relatively obscure article of workout gear to the cornerstone of a multi-million dollar athleisure industry. In like a decade. If glorified spandex can take over the world, then so can you.

Kaija Marshall